Kidzplace Education Pte Ltd


We offer programs that can help your child master the following skills:

  • Full time student care services
  • Quality group tuition
  • Bilingual Enrichment Programs
  • Holiday Enrichment Courses
  • Holiday Excursion 

Courses for Primary & Secondary Students

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Chinese
  • Chemistry/Physics
  • Addition Math/E Maths
  • Bilingual Enrichment

Others Service

  • Adult Conversation
  • Creative Writing and comprehension skills
  • AEIS course
  • IELST Preparatory class
  • Group Tuition / One to One Tuition 
  • Music and dance
  • Summer Camp
  • Learning journeys to Singapore
  • Character and Culture Building

Other Courses Available

MPM Math Chinese Tuition Creative Writing

Benefits of MPM Math includes:

  • Improve Critical thinking
  • Improve Visualization skill & Heuristics Problem Solving skill
  • Cultivating Creative Thinking
    Equipping your child with Problem Solving Skill 
    Improving Number sense
    Improving Logical Reasoning

Benefits of Chinese tuition:

  • Developed interest 
  • Activities that Improve their Literacy
  • Han yu ping ying
  • Comprehension skill

Benefits of Creative Writing:

  • Character Development
  • Improving Creative Writing Skills
  • Improving Vocabulary 
  • Understanding Underlying Theme
  • Points of View
  • Improving Dialogue Skills
  • Increasing Knowledge on Anecdotes, Metaphors and Smiles
  • Online classes available


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